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March 3, 2017

Jen Boudrie

Event: The 7th Massachusetts Sustainable Communities and Campuses Conference connects stakeholders from government, grassroots, education, and business to promote best practices.  The event will be March 17 at Endicott College, Beverly, MA.  Details are available at www.MaSustainableCommunities.com.

Massachusetts Sustainable Communities and Campuses

March 17, Endicott College, Beverly, MA

Beverly, MA – Massachusetts continues to advance sustainability at every level. From grassroots to government, colleges to companies, future-minded individuals and groups not only implement, they initiate, and innovate.  And, most importantly, they share ideas and resources.

Communities and campuses will be sharing best practices when local and state experts come together at the 7th Massachusetts Sustainable Communities & Campuses on Friday, March 17.

“This conference brings together people from coastal and inland communities, and from small and large campuses across the state,” says conference director Jen Boudrie. “This year our theme, Sustainability by Land & Sea, shines a light on Endicott College, and dozens of communities and campuses across The Commonwealth.”

The keynote speaker will be Ellen Douglas Graduate Program Director, Environmental Sciences and Marine Science & Technology at UMass Boston.  Her presentation will be: The Impact of Sea Level Rise on Greater Boston, Green Infrastructure, and Planning.

Sustainability solutions are expanding statewide. Twenty-two workshops will be led by recognized experts:  Keith Bergman, Town Administrator in Littleton; Climate Reality Leadership Corps volunteer mentor, President of Metropolitan Area Planning Commission (MAPC); John Bullard Regional Administrator, Greater Atlantic Region at the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration; Aaron Clausen, Director of Planning, City of Beverly; Sarah Hammond Creighton, Sustainability Director, Endicott College; Michelle Waters Ekanem, Director, Diversity & Inclusion, MA Department of Environmental Protection; Donna Holaday, Mayor, City of Newburyport; John MacDonald, Energy Manager, Engineering & Energy Management, Boston College; Steven Strong, President, Solar Design Associates; Barbara Warren, Executive Director, Salem Sound Coastwatch; Brendhan Zubricki, Town Administrator, Town of Essex;
to name a few.

Three walking tours of Endicott College will highlight sustainability initiatives:  Engineered Solutions for Stormwater Management; Local Food & the Dining Hall; and Large Scale Solar and Cutting Edge Lighting.  “This conference is an opportunity to engage in conversation.  The panels and presentations will highlight sustainability efforts,“ said Sarah Hammond Creighton, Director of Sustainability, Endicott College.

“This event gathers like-minded people who are dedicated to making a difference. Our Massachusetts coastal communities need to protect and improve environmental quality now and for years to come which will require planning and sustainable actions,” said Barbara Warren, Executive Director, Salem South Coastwatch.

Conference sponsors and partners include Endicott College, Salem Sound Coastwatch, and Green Workforce Training.

Conference director, Jen Boudrie, an instructional designer and sustainable development advocate, creates conferences with the support of an advisory group and on-site conference team comprised of professionals from government, business, education and communities.

“Each year we hear about success stories from all over Massachusetts,” Boudrie says. “Every municipality and college campus is doing something.  Coastal communities around Salem Sound are conducting vulnerability assessments and setting priorities to adapt to climate-driven hazards and manage costs.   Endicott College installed one of the largest parking lot solar canopies in the state.  Multi-modal transportation, local food, and net zero energy building are increasingly common on campuses and in communities.”

Speakers this year represent Massachusetts cities and towns such as:  Beverly, Essex, Littleton, Newburyport, Littleton, and Sterling.  Campuses include: Boston College, Boston University, Conway School of Landscape Planning and Design, Endicott College, Harvard Kennedy School, Tufts University, and UMass Boston.

Organizations & Businesses represented are:  Clean Water Action, Environmental League of Massachusetts, The Environmental Voter Project, The Food Project, Green Economy, Home Energy Efficiency Team, NEC Energy Solutions, Riverstone Sustainability, Second Nature, Solar Design Associates, Urban Watershed Renewal, and more.

Exhibitors include:  Competitive Energy Services, The Conway School, Direct Energy Solar, Endless Energy, Endicott College, MA Department of Energy Resources, Massachusetts Maritime Academy, Massimo Zanetti Beverage USA, Phood Solutions, Rescom, Riverstone Sustainability, SIT Graduate Institute, Salem Sound Coastwatch, Solar Design Associates, Solect Energy, Solar Design Associates, Transit X, Woods Hole Group Company, and others.

Full details about the conference can be found at www.MaSustainableCommunities.com

Jen Boudrie


The 7th Massachusetts Sustainable Communities and Campuses Conference, March 17, 2017

Stakeholders from local and state government, grassroots, business and education gather to share best practices and resources for sustainability

Endicott College, Beverly, MA

Ellen Douglas, Associate Professor of Hydrology at the School for the Environment, and the Graduate Program Director for Environmental Sciences and Marine Science & Technology at UMass Boston.

50 Government, grassroots, business, and education experts share their knowledge and experience in 19 workshops and 3 walking tours.

Green Workforce Training
Endicott College
Salem Sound Coastwatch

Educators, municipal employees, students, community leaders, business partners, the public – any and all people interested in learning about and expanding sustainability initiatives in communities and on campuses in New England

The $60 entrance fee covers 50 speakers, 20 exhibitors, 19 workshops, 3 walking tours, lunch, and networking.  Register online before March 10. Discount promotional codes at http://masustainablecommunities.com/registration/  Walk-in registration (if not sold out in advance) is $75. Conference details are at www.MaSustainableCommunities.com.

Green Workforce Training and Associates includes Jen Boudrie, an instructional designer and sustainable development advocate, with the support of an advisory group and on-site conference team comprised of professionals from government, business, education and communities.

Jen Boudrie