Food, Farm & Garden Events

APR Agricultural Farmland Protection Guide
Farmland Protection in Massachusetts

UFI Urban Farm Institute
Growing food and a healthy community

Farmers, gardeners, homesteaders, landscapers, consumers

Northeast Aquaculture Conference
Aquaculture farmers and researchers

Mass Hort School Garden Conference
Educators, teachers, administrators, parents, volunteers

Southeastern Mass Agriculture and Food Conference
Professional farmers, backyard gardeners, folks curious about locally grown food

Harvest New England Conference
Farmers, farmers’ market managers

Gardeners’ Gathering
Boston-area gardeners

New England Farm to Institution Summit
Service operators, institution staff, local food advocates, farmers, processors, distributors

New England Veg Fest

Garlic & Arts Festival
Family friendly and open to the public

New England Food Solutions
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New England Food Show
Food service industry professionals

Farm & Sea to School Conference
Farmers, educators, food service professionals, wellness & public health professionals, student leaders, community organizers, policy makers, parent advocates

Let’s Talk About Food
Culinarians, kids, scientists, adventurers, general public