2020 Speaker Info

Dear Panelist,

Thank you for planning to speak at one of our 2020 online events!

As a panelist you will had a chance to discuss the content of your presentation with co-presenters and/or the conference director in advance to help you prepare. The topic and topic description on the agenda are a general guide. Focus on information that is timely and helpful to our audience from your perspective. If you are looking for structure, a brief history, Interesting facts, a narrative, a process, a description … are a few ways of conveying ideas and information.

Speakers on the agenda do not need to register. All others must pre-register here. No exceptions because we have limited space!

Our audience will include government, business, education and nonprofit experts and learners interested in social, environmental and economic sustainability.

This year we will likely have a local and global audience. The local audience is largely a highly professional group that includes government officials, campus administrators, and some college students. We also have professionals registered from a few countries.

The maximum audience is 100. We can expect between 25-100 viewers at any one time.

You will get a link before the event. It should be one or two easy clicks to get online.

Etiquette: Mute your audio during the conference. Unmute after you are introduced.

If you have notes put them near, by, or behind the camera so you are looking at the audience and not off screen.

Please read the Online Event Rules for attendees – they also apply to panelists.

If you are new to audio and video online meetings, and want assistance, email me to request a brief practice time.

PPT presentations are not recommended this year so we can focus on the people and the message rather than the technology. If you prefer to use a PPT email it to me at jenboudrie@gmail.com ASAP so you can do a trial run.

Please join the conference several minutes before you present. Check your lighting and your background.

Panelists have equal time. We’ll have a clock to keep time. You might have your own clock, too.

I will introduce each panel at the appropriate time, in the order shown on the agenda.

Each presenter will have equal time, 10 minutes, on their panel unless otherwise discussed.

No Q&A or chat options are available which will allow each presenter uninterrupted time to present during the time allowed.

If the audience has questions, they are encouraged to follow up with speakers after the conference.

Unmute yourself just before you speak.

Thank you again for being a panelist!
If you have any questions at all, contact me anytime about anything.

Best wishes and be safe,

Jen Boudrie, Director