2019 Conference

Our presenters are from government, grassroots, education, business, and nonprofits.  They share best practices, projects, trends and resources to advance sustainable development in communities and/or campuses.

Topics include but are not limited to advancing sustainable development in energy, food, buildings, transportation, water, pollution prevention, transportation, management, social justice, health, land use, sustainable lifestyles, and topics of their choice.

If you’d like to present, please email your name, title, affiliation, contact info, and proposed session title and 100-word description before January 9, 2019.

Our exhibitors are excellent resources. They offer best practices and innovative solutions for sustainability. Exhibitors will be stationed by our registration and food/beverage area this year.

Please inquire about exhibiting and early bird discounts.

Four tours are planned within walking distance of the conference.

Please email presenter proposals and exhibitor inquiries to the conference director at jenboudrie@gmail.com.