The 2017 conference will be held at the Ginger Judge Science CenterEndicott College, Beverly, MA
See photos, maps and links on this page.

Directions to Endicott College
Campus Map

Parking is at the Solar Canopy Parking Lot on Stoneridge Lane.
Go to address 295 Hale Street (the Wylie Inn) but turn left onto Stonebridge Lane; look for the conference sign. Go one block to the solar parking lot.
Following signs, walk up Village Lane to the Ginger Judge Science Center. (SEE MAP BELOW)
Walk past Marblehead Hall on the right. Go towards building with gray and white vertical stripes. See Ginger Judge Science Center straight ahead.

If you pass the Stonebridge Lane entrance, go to the second entrance. This is the Main Entrance.  Go left and follow signs.

Parking is also available in the parking areas nearer the Ginger Judge Science Center (SEE MAP BELOW).

Carpooling is encouraged & assistance is provided upon request. Contact jenboudrie@gmail.com at least two weeks before the conference if you have carpool/travel questions.

Ginger bldgsolar pkg lotendi campus picz

PHOTOS:  (L) Ginger Judge Science Center, (Mid) Solar Parking Lot, (R) Endicott College

The outbound commuter rail goes from North Station to Beverly Depot Station, which is 2.6 miles from Endicott College. There is no shuttle from the train station to Endicott Campus but you can check out UBER options & rates. (below)
The inbound commuter rail goes from Rockport to Prides Crossing, which is 1 mile from Endicott College.

UBER Options, Rates, and Maps
From Beverly Depot Train Station to Endicott College
From Prides Crossing Train Station to Endicott College

Attendees should park in the Solar Parking Lot and walk 5 minutes to the conference (see green dots on map).
Exhibitors can park in a nearby lot (small yellow dot). If exhibit materials are heavy drive to the loading dock (red dot) first.

endi map 2.17

MA map w Endicott