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This may already describe your presentation, but it’s worth reiterating that presentations should focus on achievements and practical solutions for sustainability.

NOTE: inspired the theme of this year’s conference, Shaping the Future of Sustainability.  It’s worth glancing at the 100 solutions listed!

Looking for presentation ideas?  Here’s content to consider:  a brief overview, practical ideas, an outline of programs, goals, case studies, best practices, results, interesting facts, an interesting story, photos, graphics, current trends, local resources, plans you are implementing, strategies moving forward, etc.

Our conference audiences include professionals and learners from government, grassroots, business, and education. People at all levels – from mayors to students – attend our conferences.  Our 2018 conference had people from 4 states, 15 nonprofits, 25 businesses, 35 schools & colleges, and 50 Massachusetts communities.

The lead presenter is the first person listed in your session in the program which will be finalized before the conference.  If the leader would like me to give this role to another person, let me know.  In addition to presenting, the LEAD presenter will
1) Provide a brief introduction (workshop title, speaker names and titles ONLY)
2) Ensure each person’s presentation starts and stops on time
3) Invite Q&A before the end of the session, after you all have presented, if here is time.

Give your travel drive to your room manager who will upload your PPT for you on his/her laptop.
The room manager can cue you to help with time management. Each room has a time card (5 MIN, 1 MIN, 0 MIN).

Most presenters use PowerPoint presentations.  They are not required but are recommended because they offer a multi-sensory approach to teaching and learning.

  • Each room will have a projector.
  • Each room will have a laptop.
  • Bring your PPTx presentation on a travel drive, NOT in pdf format.
  • Use PowerPoint (pptx) only; no Keynote (Apple/Mac version) as we cannot assure compatibility
  • Arrive early to find your room.  Upload your PPT at 8-8:30am, 12-1pm, or sometime before your session.
  • NO last minute changes to your PPT or session before you present.
  • If your room has a podium and microphone, remember to speak into the microphone so everyone can hear you
  • If you have a problem go to the registration table and ask for Debbi or Jen.
  • We plan to have all the projectors, laptops and cables needed. If for any reason you want to bring your own laptop and projector, let me know. You will need to manage your own equipment at the conference at all times to assure its safety. 

Live links and video links should work, BUT please plan to present without them if they do not.  Contact me in advance, if you want to use one so we can plan ahead.  It’s important that presenters focus on the presentation and the audience, and not on technical video issues.

By agreeing to participate in this conference you agree to photos & videos for news and promotions.

In keeping with our environmental mission and reduced materials goal, do not bring printed handouts.  Please email me your PowerPoint presentation after the conference. I will post it on SlideShare and put a link to it on our website,  Participants often ask about PPTs after the conference and they are appreciated.

Exchanging business cards while networking is fine.

The purpose of your session is to educate. Soliciting is not allowed.  If you would like to promote yourself or your work please ask before the conference about applying for an exhibit table

Bring your own reusable water bottle or coffee mug to reduce waste.

First Parish, 3 Church Street, Cambridge, MA

Plan to spend the whole day.  You’ll be glad you did!  We have excellent sessions and exhibits.

Pick up your name tag at registration when you arrive.

As a presenter you have FREE conference admission 8am-4:00pm if your name is listed on the conference program as a presenter. This includes the sessions, exhibits, and lunch.

Anyone who accompanies you (the presenter) must register in advance hereNo guests or drop-ins.  No exceptions.  We get lots of requests for free attendance.  Early registration is recommended.  Previous conferences were sold out in advance.  Any questions let me know.

Would you like a telephone conference with co-presenters in your session?  Would you like me to review your presentation? Contact me at

Would you like your session title and description revised? Please email suggestions before February 28!

Updates are posted at for quick reference.

Thank you very much for presenting at the 2019 Massachusetts Sustainable Communities and Campuses Conference.

Let me know anytime if you have any questions about anything.

Jen Boudrie
Conference Director
T 508-481-0569