Green Event

Post-Conference Update
Many thanks to all who contributed to our environmental goals!

So many people brought reusable water bottles/mugs that we used fewer than 200 paper cups for the whole day!  We also used fewer than 200 napkins and 200 paper plates.  For a 300-person event this is remarkable!

Our unserved food (sandwich wraps, fresh organic veggies and fruits, oatmeal-raisin cookies) was donated to the shelter at the First Parish of Cambridge.

We were unprepared for the all the compostable paper plates/cups/etc.  Whenever possible, we have reusable dishware at our events, but this is not always an option so we find the  greenest paperware possible, choose foods that require minimal dishware, and communicate with folks to BYO bottle/mug to encourage using as little dishware as possible.  Jen composted one full bag in her garden but unfortunately the fate of at least two bags is unknown.  In the future we will strive harder to manage this.

2019 Green Event Features

• To advance sustainability in communities and on campuses
• To connect people dedicated to and learning about sustainable development

• Easily reached by public transportation
• Steps from the Harvard Square T station (use Church Street Exit)

• Online registration, announcements and presentations
• Exhibitors honor our environmental mission with reduced materials
• Reusable exhibit posters and banners are encouraged
• Limited handouts and giveaways made from sustainable materials (no plastics)
• Presentations are posted online after the conference in lieu of printed handouts
• Conference guide posted online and printed on recycled/FSC-certified paper (one page only)

• Breakfast:  organic coffee/tea, breakfast snack.
• Lunch:  wrap, veggies, fruit, cookie (local, organic, and/or whole food)
• No bottled water or beverages. BYO Bottle/mug.
• Paper cups, plates and napkins available were minimal and the greenest options possible.

• Carbon offset for all building energy and transportation to and from the conference is a donation to a Massachusetts environmental organization. Former recipients: Live Cooler, Mass Climate Action Network, Toxics Action Center, Home Energy Efficiency Team, Project Green Schools, Green Marlborough, EcoRI News, and NOFA/Mass.

… and more.

We’re happy to work with our venue staff, presenters, exhibitors, vendors, and attendees on sustainable choices.